ChooseLIFE Beach

Specialist REHAB Centre

ChooseLIFE Beach Treatment Program

Choose Life is a private Company owned by the Gosstrust Health care group


This exceptional coastal beach provides the ideal setting for a specialist rehab centre with a difference which focuses on addictive, substance-related and co-occurring disorders. As individuals prepare for change one has to be grounded in a facility that not only caters for providing the tools for change but provides the best form of meditative therapy accompanied by an astonishing surrounding that creates a peaceful and uplifting wave of your mood to embrace a new sunrise of happiness and content, self improvement to flow through a new life of individual difference with sobriety and healthy lifestyle.


The idea of having an additional facility that not only incorporates being near to the beach but exclusively being on the beach is conjunct with a perfect triangle location of ideal options in our variety of treatments was envisioned by Mr Vernon Goss, founder and CEO of all three renowned centres of exclusive treatment.


7 St Helier Rd, Umkomaas, South Africa

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