Embark on Your 21-Day Journey to Serenity with Our 12-Step Programme

Week 1

Foundations for Recovery

Goal Setting

Establish personal recovery targets to create a focused path forward.

12 Step Acceptance

Begin exploring the principles of the 12 Step program, starting with acceptance.

Group Therapy Initiation

Engage in daily group therapy to build a support network.

CBT Introduction

Learn the basics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for future application. CBT is a therapy that modifies negative thoughts and behaviors into positive outcomes, essential for managing addiction.

Relapse Prevention Introduction

Discuss initial strategies to recognize and manage potential relapse triggers.

Recreational Therapy

Participate in arts, crafts, and games to promote relaxation and creativity.

Life Skills

Start building life skills that are vital for sustained recovery, like self-love.

Week 2

Building Resilience and Skills

Stress Management

Learn techniques to handle stress, a critical skill for lasting recovery.

Deepening CBT Practice

Continue developing CBT skills to address negative thoughts and behaviors.

Life Skills Enhancement

Focus on guilt management and forgiveness as part of recovery.

Family Day Engagement

Integrate family into the recovery process for better support systems.

Healthy Recreation

Maintain engagement in recreational activities for balanced well-being.

Relapse Prevention Strategies

Develop a deeper understanding of triggers and coping mechanisms.

Communication Skills

Improve assertiveness and communication as key recovery tools.

Week 3

Building Resilience and Skills


Refine goal-setting techniques to ensure they’re attainable and relevant. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives that provide clear direction and accountability for personal or professional growth.

Advanced Relapse Prevention

Create a personalized recovery plan and brainstorm potential challenges.

Vision Board Workshop

Visualize goals and aspirations as a motivational tool for recovery.

Enhanced Group Therapy

Deepen group discussions to reinforce learning and support.

Physical Health Focus

Participate in yoga and health classes to support physical recovery.

Community Preparation

Prepare for reintegration with community and family support networks.

Final Family Integration

Solidify the role of family and community in the ongoing recovery journey.

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